We grant a 3 year guarantee for our instruments (beginning with the date of purchase). Our company commits itself to fix (free of charge) any defects that are found on the instrument during the guarantee period, that are caused by faulty design, second-rate material, or by an error that occurred during the manufacturing of the product. Terms and conditions of the guarantee are valid if the instrument is placed in a room with a relative air humidity of 40-60%, and a temperature of 18–25°C (64,5 – 77°F).

The cimbalom should never be exposed to such effects of the environment, which do not correspond with the conditions described above (never place the cimbalom near a radiator, under direct solar radiation, or in a damp place etc.).

The tightness of the „head“ screws at the bottom of the cimbalom has to be checked regularly.

The guarantee does not apply to any damages caused by the owner, or by a third person, brought about by violation of the above mentioned conditions, or by an unqualified manipulation with the instrument. Nor does it apply to ordinary wear and tear, and the effects of regular tuning.

The purchaser is requested to claim an incidental damage without an unnecessary delay, as soon as they find the damage.

The travel and transport expenses, connected with the guarantee repair, are at the expense of the purchaser.