Dutchak cimbalom

PE “Dutchak” is engaged in manufacturing of Hungarian cimbalom (hammered dulcimers) of a “Shunda” standard.
For the moment, we produce a small type of dulcimers (cimbalom Dutchak – “small”), and we are planning to a produce concert cimbalom (middle size) at the end of this year.
Dulcimer Dutchak – “small” have excellent sound quality and a fairly wide notes range – from C3 up to E6.
We follow all the manufacturing standards and use only  high-quality wood and parts. Each instrument has a warranty by default (terms and conditions you can read on our website).
We always pay attention on small details that affect usability, especially:

  • We have developed a convenient cover case (including impact-resistant materials in the appropriate places) in which you can easily place and carry your instrument.
  • We have developed a special belt-holder which will make your long-term playing easier.
  • We have paid a big attention to a weight of the instrument – hammered dulcimers Dutchak – “small” weighs only 7.5 kg.
  • We have developed a removable damper mechanism where a musician can play the melody of any type and complexity,  the mechanism can be easily detached and packaged in portable cases.
  • We’ve installed additional tuning pins on the left side of the highest notes – this makes instrument tuning process easier.

Of course, the most important thing for us is the sound quality – we have made all necessary acoustic calculations, in order to get the best sound quality, noble tone and a good level. The strings installed on our hammered dulcimers are especially measured and matched.
We love the work we do and when manufacturing of our instruments – we only use the handmade work, including a decorative wood-carving.
You can buy, or clarify the delivery information when contacting us by email or phone stated in the “contacts” page of our website.